Wednesday, September 21, 2011

If you missed the interview with Chris Lundahl (President of Arizona Roofing Systems) August 23, 2011 on KFNX News Talk Radio 1100, There is no need to worry we have the Q&A here on our blog!  Chris was asked several questions that might better help you understand your roofing needs and what to do during monsoon season or any other storm that approaches your home.  
Carol Blonder of KFNX News Talk Radio:

Q: Arizona Roofing Systems has been around for a long time, what types of  roofing does your company specialize in Chris?
A: We specialize in all fields of roofing, we do repair and re-roof.  We work on shingles, tiles, foam, coatings, metal, flat roofs, IB, PVC, shake roofs, and whatever your roof needs.
Q: Why do I need my roof inspected by a Licensed Roofing Contractor and how much does it cost?
A: A licensed roofing contractor will be able to see the damage and identify it properly, our trained staff will find and document the damage and show it to the home owner, all FREE of cost.
Q: How long do I have to make a claim on my roof for hail damage.
A: In most cases insurance companies give owners a year to file their claim, in the case for the Arizona hail storm last year everyone has 2 years in normal cases to file their claim, but you may be eligible long after.
Q: What if  the insurance adjuster checked my roof and  said there was no damage?
A: If the adjuster says there was no damage, get it double checked by a roofing expert.  We have filed many claims that initially the adjuster had said there was no damage and the end result was a brand new roof.  When a representative from Arizona Roofing Systems meets with the adjuster they show them the damage they have found and resolve with the insurance company not to play games and to properly file the claim.
Q: Why should we call Arizona Roofing Systems
A: Arizona Roofing Systems is dedicated to making your home safe and protected by a good sturdy roof.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured.  We have A+ ratings with the BBB and guarantee our work and your satisfaction!

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