Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Caring about your old roof

What to do if you have an old roof and home

Roof repair is something that every homeowner is afraid of facing. Roof repairs on residential homes can be painful and in many cases very expensive. But you should know that roof repairs are quite common in older homes, especially in those older than 20 years. Unfortunately most problems that can happen to your roof are unavoidable, but then again are usually small problems that can be easily detected and fixed.  But every small problem if not addressed can become large and costly problem.

Roofing material gone missing

Strong and high wind can blow off your roofing material. If your roof is in poor shape, even a light breeze can do harm to your roof. Sadly even not correctly installed roofing system can lead you’re your roof loses shingles after a slight breeze.

Poor inspection, or none at all

Although your roof is above your head and you can’t see it, still you should preform regular inspections. Of course you aren’t required to inspect it on daily basis but from time to time give your roof some love. If you live in a warm climate, try inspecting your roof during the summer and just before fall arrives and first fall rains. High temperature and heat can dissolve adhesive which leads to tiles and shingles separating from your roof deck. Also if you live in a cold climate inspect your roof during winter months.

Poor installation

Expectedly it is much more common in older homes but also lack of technology, skill and proper material can lead to bad installation. These problems go unnoticed until they become much bigger that require help of a professional and might even end up with an expensive roof replacement. Inspect your older roofing system regularly to minimize the expense and protect your home

Moisture and leaking

No matter what roofing system you have, leaking and moisture can be caused by many different things. Typical summer or spring rain can lead to forming of leaking spots in older homes. In most cases poorly installed of TPO is the main reason of leakage. If you know the exact age of your home, then you will surely know if your roofing system needs maintenance and inspection.
If you require any additional information on how to properly take care of your old roof, contact your trusted local roofing contractor.

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